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Our Professional Services are geared Towards the Accelerated Growth of Africa's Economy.

PMS Marketing & Distribution

Conares partners with several key marketing organizations to provide petroleum products and services to individuals and organizations within Nigeria any one of the following products: PMS, AGO, DPK, LPFO, JET and FUEL. In order to help companies with the shipment of their products, we also provide trucking services for product delivery to specific locations.

Oil & Gas Consultancy

Penetrating the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry requires tact and the application of proper business strategies, Conares helps individuals and organizations with an interest to enter the market in Nigeria. We proffer business solutions and strategic direction on products, services, and critical s olutions as it relates to the industry and successful penetration.

Haulage, Contracts & Supply

The essence of the Conares’ business is to advance integrated logistics services by providing standardized and customized solutions tailored to clients’ individual needs. With this in mind, we have positioned Conares as one of the best standardized logistics firms in Nigeria.
Above all, offering impressive and immediate response services to our numerous clients is the foundation on which our reputation is built. Our vast experience in this segment of the market enables us to bid for contracts targeted at supplying petroleum p roducts (offshore and onshore), d redging projects, construction projects, equipment supply such as boats, modular housing, consumables, etc.

Oil Field & Marine

Conares provides services to oil & gas companies operating within the petroleum exploration and production industry. Our services include but are not limited to: The provision of infrastructural materials, Equipment sourcing and leasing, The supply of intellectual property and other services necessary for exploration and extraction, Engineering design and Project management.

Conares also offers services in the field of oil, gases, and chemical storage. We construct and provide top-notch storage facilities for oils, chemicals, and gases. Conares firmly plants a foot and takes her place as Nigeria's top exceptional oil storage products provider, the reliable creator of profitable outsourcing projects, establishing successful joint ventures, the number one creative logistical solution expert in everything Oil and Gas.


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