Our Online Privacy Policy was drawn up to reassert our commitment to the safety and privacy of the information we gather from the users of the www.conaresoil.com site, a service offered by Conares Oil limited., hereinafter Conares.

This Privacy Policy covers the treatment given by Conares to information that can identify users that is collected while they are on the Conares Internet site or that may become part of the company's electronic databases.

It should be noted that the Conares site may grant access to links to external sites, the content and privacy policies of which Conares is not liable for. As such, we recommend that when users are redirected to external sites, they should always check such sites' respective privacy policies before providing their data or information.

Keep in mind that this Privacy Policy is subject to constant improvements and refinement. We therefore recommend that it be read periodically.

However, should Conares at any moment make any substantial change to the way that it uses personal information gathered, it will communicate the new privacy conditions: a) to the public at large, by means of an announcement in our main page; b) to registered users by means of electronic announcements?

For the purpose of this Policy, the following considerations should be observed:

  1. Conares gather personal information that can identify users, such as text and images, when they:
    1. Register at our website;
    2. Participate in our promotions or contests;
    3. Contact us through the user service channels.
  2. Different information can be requested for each of the data-gathering modes according to the purpose of the collection. Thus, users will be informed about the data being collected, leaving it to their discretion to provide them or not.

  3. On the User

  4. It is not required to enter personal user data on Conares' site to browse it, therefore, this is optional. Users providing their personal data state they are aware of and accept the terms set forth herein.
  5. Conares pledges to use protection systems provided by Internet technology, for which reason it is not liable for damage resulting of its being accessed and/or used by third parties, either fraudulently or with intent.
  6. Conares uses the information it gathers for the following purposes: (i) to optimize the use and interactive experience of the users' browsing the site; (ii) to build general statistics; (iii) to answer questions and make requests to users; (iv) to undertake communication and relationship marketing campaigns; (v) to inform users about the company, its products, services and promotions, (vi) with regard to information on people aged fewer than 13 years, this information shall be used for educational purposes.
  7. Access to the information that is gathered is restricted to the personnel authorized for this purpose. Employees and/or authorized personnel, who use this information unduly, in violation of our Privacy Policy, will be subject to the applicable legal disciplinary measures.
  8. Unless we have a legal or court order to do so, user information will not be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which Conares collected it, except in the event of a change in the purposes mentioned in section 9, when Conares shall provide advance notice concerning this, as mentioned above.
  9. The user guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal data that he or she provides in this site and takes-on the corresponding liability if they are not exact. Conares accepts no liability whatsoever if the users provides incorrect personal data on this site.
  10. A user who enters his or her personal data may at any time request that he or she be informed of its contents and ask for corrections or any suppression he or she deems convenient, including total suppression.
  11. Conares Group companies have their own privacy policies. Although they are aligned with the company's practices, it is advisable to take note of such policies on their respective websites.


If you have any question about this document, please contact us at info@conaresoil.com.


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